Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ting: Refurbished Samsung Transform Ultra

TING: Refurbished Samsung Transform Ultra 

I got a refurbished Samsung Transform Ultra from Ting yesterday. The charger didn't work, so I had to use my charger from my tablet. Ting  Help & Support  said they would credit me if I bought a new charger, and provided the receipt as proof of purchase.
I found a charger at
The battery life is very poor on the phone. The online keyboard is not great. I have SwiftKey for my tablet, and am trying to find out if i can install the premium version of SwiftKey on the phone without buying it again.
The phone did not come with any manuals or guides, or paperwork. I was provided with a link to a pdf I could download.
It didn't come with a micro sd card, so I bought one from
And I am waiting for the USPS to deliver it. I made the mistake of installing my apps before getting the Micro SD card, and now I am wondering if I can transfer the apps to the Micro SD card from the internal memory?
The service is through Sprint and to be honest it is not very good in my area, I only get 1 or 2 bars. I have to be in a nearby town to get better service, such as 3g.
If I had the money, I would have bought the Samsung Galaxy Note, as it would seem to be much friendlier to my hands and eyes, due to my disabilities.
This is my first smartphone, but I have been using my Android Nexus 7 Tablet, so I have had a few months to use Android before getting the smartphone.
I am also having a hard time getting Google Voice set up as my main voicemail service, I am not sure if it is the phone, or because it is on the Sprint network?
Also, I am wondering if I can get the podcast app doggcatcher to run on my phone, as I already bought it for my tablet, without having to buy it again?

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*Update *

At a full charge, the battery goes dead within 4 hours approximately. I have to keep it plugged in to keep it charged, it also shuts down by itself still.
I am disabled and have serious health problems, i need a reliable phone, and so far this is not it.
The phone also doesn't remember my settings for my keyboard choice.
I am also only getting about 2 bars on the Sprint Network.
So far,  I am very unhappy with my experience.

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