Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bezalel's Heart

Bezalel is a fellow Congenital Rubella Syndrome survivor.
Please consider helping him, and even if you can't afford to: please share this page with all of your social networks.
The more people know about his situation, the better.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Diabetes Anxiety FaceBook Group

Diabetes Anxiety

A CLOSED (troll free) group for shared experience of diabetes related mood-swings, stress, anxiety and general upset stemming from the blood sugar complications our Diabetes Industry tend to sweep under the carpet.
"For us diabetes amplifies everything; if you feel just-not-right then broken blood sugar will make it wrong, as alcohol does an alcoholic; every bone of contention, every pulse of ill will, slight upset or lull, every wave of exhaustion and misunderstanding all amplified. Deformation of sadness, doubt, and dependency; symptoms lost in a bigger world, it leaves us wilting. We push on.
But on a good day, diabetes in not such a bad disease to have."
By Paul Cathcart.