Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fw: father in Iraq,his child 8 with cancer

contact : Tony Giorgio, President, and family spokesperson
Compassion Children's Foundation; Advocates for seriously ill children
828- 926-8492  cell 828-400-1593
Mother trying without success to get her husband home from Iraq to help take care of child with cancer.  and is cheated out of funds earmarked for her child by a local fundraiser held by the American Cancer Society" Relay for Life in Duplin County North Carolina
She has faced much red tape and little cooperation. She would like her husband to come home now to a fulltime position in the Army National guard and be home to help her under these devastating circumstances. The Government is unresponsive.
In addition to her plight on April 1st, the American Cancer Society Relay for Life   fundraiser in Duplin County N.C. asked Mrs. Murray if they could put her child's Photo on canisters to collect money for her, Gina Murray agreed. $849.00 was raised but the funds all went to the American Cancer Society and not to the child. When she spoke to the coordinator of the event Tim Branden he was quoted as saying" it was in her memory not that she would get the money ". the mother's reply she is not deceased. and many friends and neighbors contributed thinking the funds would go to the family.
We need your help to bring some relief to this family.
Tony Giorgio for Mrs. Gina Murry 
Monet Murray 8 years old has cancer her father Staff Sgt. Frederick Murray is on his second tour of duty with the N.C. National Guard in Iraq and a 24 year veteran. Gina Murray is trying to handle the situation of her husband in Iraq her 8 year old with Cancer and a 10 year old who needs attention. no other family is around them for assistance. 

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