Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fw: Make Your Voice Heard!

Subject: Make Your Voice Heard!

I just took action to stop Congress from blocking
constituent email. This new move by Congress is
such a big problem that groups as diverse as The
American Family Association and NARAL,
and, the National Taxpayers Union and the ACLU
got together to co-sign a letter to Congress opposing this new technology.

Accepting messages from constituents is a fundamental
responsibility of those we elect to represent us. It shouldn't
matter if those messages are delivered by a postman or arrive
by email. The Internet has expanded civic participation in this
country, and lawmakers must open their inboxes to us. I hope
you will jump in and help generate faxes to our legislators
telling them to unblock their inbox!

To send an email or fax (to be sure that all the messages get through),
go to a new Consumers Union website at

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