Thursday, July 13, 2006

Consumers Union::
From the page:
"No phony ID theft protections!
Use our toll-free number to call your Congressional Representative right now!


Every week there’s another story about how our personal information has been lost or stolen by companies and government agencies who should be keeping this information safe. Congress needs to make sure that we are told when our personal information is stolen, and give us all the right to a 'security freeze' to stop thieves from opening new accounts in our names.

Right now, leaders in the House of Representatives are negotiating the terms of a federal ID theft bill, and are expected to bring this bill to the floor for a vote soon. But the current bill does not give you any of the protections you need! Don't let them pass a do-nothing bill.

Please call your Representative now! Just use this toll free number and we will patch you directly through to your own legislator based on your zip code. Then tell us that you made your call using the simple form below."

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