Friday, September 08, 2006

Citrus County, FL. Impact Fees / Fwd: E-mail-A-Friend: Building industry asks, how much is too much?

Impact fees would increase the total of the eight fees from $6,664 to $17,460, if approved by the county commission.
If you're planning on building a home, or making any improvements, you better take out another loan.
If you're against this, let the county commissioners know how you feel about it.
A combination of a rise in impact fees, and in homeowners insurance could dramatically affect this county, and it's citizens. Working families are going to be especially affected by this.


Building industry asks, how much is too much?

The concept of impact fees arises from the desire of taxpayers already in the community not wanting to get saddled with the cost of building or improving infrastructure for delivering public services to the new people. The purpose is to make the newcomers pay the bill for the new services needed, or at least a good chunk of it.

Some argue that the increase in taxes from the new taxpayers pays for growth in facilities and services. Others disagree and say it's unfair to make those already paying property taxes pay for the impact of the newcomers.

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