Thursday, April 09, 2009

Snapfish & Wal-Greens Photos - Forums powered by WWWThreads

Snapfish & Wal-Greens Photos - Forums powered by WWWThreads

I uploaded an old picture of myself to and had it sent to our local Wal-Greens to be printed and picked up.
They wouldn't give me the photo without a release from the photographer.
I pointed out to them that this photo was 34 years old, taken by a photographer at a local market store, it was paid for by my mother, and it was of me. The clerk said it was their policy, and wouldn't give me the photo.
I then contacted Wal-Greens & Snapfish, and their reply was the same: terms of service & store policy, regarding copyright.
I told them it was an asinine rule, which needed to be changed.
So the photos you pay for, that are of you, or your family, are not really yours. They are the photographers, and it's their decision on what can be done with them. Keep that in mind the next time you have family photos done.

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