Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NOT: LOWES: 20-Minute Pick Up In Store Guarantee

LOWES: exclusive 20-Minute Pick Up In Store Guarantee:
Ordered 5 fence posts online via Lowes web site at approx. 12:56P.M.EST today. Got there at 3:00P.M. approx., and order not ready, and no one knew anything about it, nor were familiar with internet orders.
@Lowes where is the guarantee?
Not the 1st time I've had poor customer service at the same store. I ordered floor tile the last time, and was treated very rudely, by someone that appeared to be in management.


  1. Umm.....Isn't 15:56pm, 3:56pm??? Right now you are saying you ordered the post 56 minutes after you got there....And I KNOW that you mistyped this, since I know you do not post bs...

    1. Thanks for spotting my typo Seamus. My eyes & fingers aren't what they used to be.


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