Monday, April 29, 2013

Free ISP FreedomPop

Free Internet Service Provider | Home Internet Service | Free ISP - [FreedomPop]

I am curious to know if anyone else uses this service, and what your experience is with it.


  1. I just got an Overdrive from them. Really excited to use it. Just started, but I mean what you were curious about?

  2. I just got the email from FreedomPop saying that the service is available in my area. They are offering 2gb free, and 50 °/°off the device. I am curious if there is a catch to it?  I have centurylink dsl, and pay for 3.0mbps, but only get 1.5 if I am lucky. I am wondering if there is a monthly capacity limit of how much data I can use? I am disabled, and have become very dependent on my Internet service. I watch a lot streaming video, and do virtual photo walks on Google plus hangouts, so I am wondering if it would be a good option for me. 

    1. I guess it sort of depends on how much data you consume. I mean freedompop isn't uncapped, unlimited internet services. If you're streaming a lot of videos and video conferencing, I don't think 2GBs will get you through the month. I know they offer Home services though. The Home stuff which is like $15 for 10GBs but only on a 4G network, you'd have to double check coverage on their website. Are you able to contact century link to get a rough estimate on your monthly usage?

  3. Since they use Sprint, it would be pretty poor coverage in my area. I actually use the aka Sam Knows Reporting service to monitor my usage, and the performance of my ISP: CenturyLink, which is very poor. I can't remember the latest stats though.

  4. They do use Sprint, and Clearwire 4G WiMAX so if you aren't in a good coverage area, then yea it won't work. CenturyLink has got to be rough.

  5. I just started using freedompop a couple weeks ago. I'm a student which is why I looked into freedompop to begin with. Having to be able to access the internet to submit assignments and access online tools is really important and freedompop saves the day! I have been able to use the device right out of the box, not set up required. And on a student budget you can't beat free. I never run out of data on the free plan (500MBs) and even do offers like sign up for a free trial of netflix to add even more free data. So far I love it! If you have any questions let me know.


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