Friday, May 23, 2014

Ava Milner | Ava's Chiari Relief Fund

Ava Milner | Ava's Chiari Relief Fund: "Ava's Chiari Relief Fund"

Ava's Chiari Relief Fund
Ava was diagnosed with a Chiari 2 Malformation. Please donate so that her family's worries revolve mostly on her recovery. Thank you!
Shortly after Ava was born on 11/11/2013 her mommy and family noticed that she was not feeding well, would cry continuously, and vomited a lot. After multiple negative tests and worsening of her symptoms, a MRI of her Brain was done and showed a Chiari Malformation that has been classified as a birth defect (Type 2). Ava will be undergoing her first surgery at only 6 months old. Her symptomatic Chiari 2 Malformation extends approx. 8mm into her foramen magnum and the pressure this has caused is to blame for her "Colic" type symptoms and vomiting that have been present since birth. Sadly the #1 symptom of her condition is head pain. This has been devastating news to our family. It is heartbreaking to know that this sweet little baby has known physical pain since before she was born.

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