Monday, July 27, 2015

BrightHouse Networks - You are needed in the rural areas of Floral City, Florida

To the residents living in the rural areas of Floral City, Florida.
We need to show to BrightHouse that we are potential customers, if only they would bring their service down our roads.
Centurylink is the only high speed Internet provider on our road. If you are lucky, you might get 1.5 mbps, or less.
Otherwise, you can use satellite Internet, or cellular data, or dial up.
Centurylink has made it clear that they have no plans to improve service.
So BrightHouse is our only hope in getting better service.
If you want better service in Floral City, Florida. Please reshare this here, Retweet the link I have shared, and do it on Facebook, and at other sites also.
Give a personal message, and say something like "I am a potential customer too!".
Maybe we can all consider doing a petition too.
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