Monday, May 01, 2006

Major banking breach : Clarchives clarkhoward - Clarchives April 27, 2006

Major banking breach could affect you Clark talked with a caller recently about the ATM skimmers all over the world that are ripping you off. The man was in Italy on vacation when someone in France found out his card number and secret code from a skimmer and emptied out his checking account. It%u2019s going on every minute and there is a huge heist going on now that banks are apparently trying to keep secret, according to the Orlando Sentinel. A computer hack that happened a month ago is responsible for compromising millions of customer accounts and secret codes. Instead of telling customers the truth about what has happened, banks are just sending people new cards, the paper reports. So, if you get a new card the mail all of a sudden without ordering one, the debit fraud debacle could by why. It means you must monitor your accounts very closely. If you bank online, watch your balances very carefully. It%u2019s happened to multiple banks around the country, so be aware.

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