Monday, May 01, 2006

Military billing wounded soldiers Clarchives clarkhoward - Clarchives April 27, 2006

Military billing wounded soldiers
Thousands of brave young adults have gone overseas to fight in military theaters around the world during the current war. They are serving their country and putting their lives on the line for the safety of our citizens. How does our government repay them? Well, would you believe the military is serving them with bills and turning them into collection agencies in return. What happens is a soldier gets injured on the battlefield and leaves his or her weapon behind. The government is then billing those soldiers for the weapons and equipment while the soldiers are lying in hospital beds or dealing with a disability. What an insult! These people are coming back with brain damage, amputated limbs and paralysis. Yet, the military is going after them for repayment. What's worse is that families are getting harassed so badly by bill collectors that they're paying. Clark thinks Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld should apologize to every soldier who has been wronged like this.

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